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I am the creator and sole creative lead of the one-woman audio production company Nettle Hunt.


My "brand" of storytelling has been referred to as "sad plays with happy endings," which I don't think is all that dissimilar from hunting through stinging nettles to find a doc leaf: in the end, you're all alright, but you've truly felt something along the way.

Through Nettle Hunt, I have single-handedly produced several of my own feature length and serialised audio dramas and podcasts, as well as working for commission for writers and directors worldwide. My strongest skill lies in creating fully textured and realised fictional worlds through sound alone, working often in binaural and multi-layered audio to create the most immersive audience experience possible.

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Falling BirdsAct 1 Scene 2
00:00 / 01:27

A clip from Falling Birds, a magical-realism audio-drama exploring themes of family, dreams and loss. Here, a mother and son share a story over a picnic.

sound-1781570_960_720 (1).png



I am open for commissions for all kinds of sound design for all kinds of projects.

My rates for sound work are as follows:

£45/hour for basic editing

- Noise removal

- Click removal

- Compression and normalization (if desired)

- Up to five tracks on the same file - a.k.a basic sound effects and ambiance

£75/hour for detailed soundscapes

- Everything from basic editing plus:

- Much more layered ambiance and sound effects - up to fifteen tracks

- Special effects and modulation (if desired)

£90/hour for binaural soundscapes

- Everything previously listed but including binaural (multi-directional) editing for the most immersive '3D' listening experience

RiftedEpisode 6 Scene 7
00:00 / 01:41

A clip from Rifted, an all-LGBT+ fantasy podcast about a pair of military runaways trying to find safety and love in the snowy wasteland of the Rift. From Episode 5, I became the show's primary sound designer.


Samson of Bruma is an original animated series by creator Heavy Burns, inspired by and filmed using The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. From Episode 2, I became the show's primary sound designer.

In The FleshEpisode 2
00:00 / 00:57

A clip from In The Flesh, a zombie apocalypse podcast following two stories from either side of the undead horde. Here, the apocalypse has not yet hit, and one of our main characters has returned home from school.

If Leeches Ate PeachesScene 12
00:00 / 02:08

A clip from If Leeches Ate Peaches, a surreal psychological horror podcast adapted from the work of Emilie Autumn. Here, the Other Annabelle discovers the mythical Leeches living inside the asylum walls. 


Thanks for submitting!

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