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"You're an extraordinarily talented actor and I'm humbled to have you helping me with this game. Your lines are a pleasure to listen to and you consistently read lines with an effortlessly natural intonation, which is rarer than you might think!" 

Nick James Pearce | Director | The Forgotten City

"Part of Liz’s strength as an actress is her adaptability: able to sing, project emotion and clearly communicate tone better than most voice actors I have worked with. She is universally regarded as a pleasure to work with by every developer and cast member on the team. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful the experience with her has been."

Carter Foust | Director | The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Extended Cut

"So professional, with such good and authentic inflections that make her character shine. Many people will come to cherish her voice, and she will carve a name for herself in the voice acting arena."

You're Not Supposed To Be In Here | Director | Summerset Isle

"Her performance was an incredible piece of art. She took the script and ran with it so beautifully and made it the perfect level of drama for what we needed."

Keith D. Cardin | Director | Mary's Eulogy

"Professional, easy to work with and has an impressive range that was key in bringing Idara to life. She also did a great job with singing and natural laughter, something that's rare in VA."

Craftian | Director | Citizens of Tamriel

"Extremely talented and professional, as well as very easy to work with … I really cannot say enough positive things about her!"

Oracus Zero | Director | Skyggerfall

"Her intelligent and adaptable voice worked wonders for the character, bringing an aura of knowledge, understanding and kindness to a role that's quite difficult to translate. Liz's subsequent support for the project is one of the myriad reasons to include her in your own project, bringing both encouragement and humour that oft-surprised me"

Elliot Somerfield | Director | CALLISTO

"Such a talented actress. She's funny and professional at the same time. She's devoted to her work and will always search for the extra little sparkle in her performance. She's also willing to do extra work and help anyone who needs help. I truly recommend her."

Océane Lanteigne | Actor | CALLISTO

"A joy to work with. Her performance was inspired and had a substantial part in making this project the high tier production that it was. She was also a constant source of positive energy for other members of the production, leading to an incredibly wholesome environment for all involved. Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to work with her."

Anthony Andres| Actor | CALLISTO

"Elizabeth undertook a role that requires gravity, as well as a kind touch and some PTSD-esque distance due to the character's backstory. A difficult balance to achieve, but one that they match perfectly. She not only makes the project amazing from within the booth, but behind the scenes through friendliness and jokes."

AJ Kingston | Actor | CALLISTO

"Her ability to convey emotion, even subtly, is excellent and she is extremely believable; she fully embodies her character. She's also an all-around lovely person, extremely easy to talk to and engage with."

Mimi Wilson | Actor | CALLISTO

"This project has been a blast to work on. Her notes are phenomenal, really helping me work out exactly what I needed to do: just excellent directing on her part, as well as being a brilliant performer alongside us."

Catherine McGeoghegan | Actor | If Leeches Ate Peaches

"A very talented individual all around, from her voice to writing to passion, Elizabeth is a very dedicated project creator and kind person. I am very glad to have gotten the chance to work with her and hope to do so again."

C.S.R Creations | Actor | If Leeches Ate Peaches

"Absolutely fantastic to work with: so passionate, made sure to give it her best, and it showed. Off the project she was still a delight to interact with. She was incredibly encouraging to everyone else in the cast and fun to talk with. If I ever had to work with her again on another project, I know it would be one that would turn out fantastic."

Sean Lambourne | Actor | CALLISTO

"Just from her line delivery alone, you will have NO regrets casting her. Multiple takes, each taking you to a new dimension, Elizabeth is an excellent candidate for your project. If she auditioned for your project - cast her!"

Loxias | Director | Enjoy the Silence

"From all the various auditions, she stood out by far! Her performance really brought the character to another level. She has an amazing voice with good audio quality and a lightning fast turnaround time. Cannot recommend enough."

Koala Bear Workshop | Thrill of the Chase

"Always a delight to work with. Not only is she a great talent, but she has such a great attitude and work ethic! She plays a villain so easily, I’m astonished by her ability to sink into that evil charisma, yet don’t be fooled. She has a wide range of vocal talent and can play any character a casting director could throw at her!"

Cath Grumbo | Director | Project Zerk

"Such a vibrant and and fun person to work with, and can deliver a range of emotions for a range of characters. I am so thrilled to have had her be a part of my project, and look forward to the day we can work together again. There are not many out there as talented as her!"

Joshua Spector | Director | The Woes of Whitby

"I don't even have to tell you why she's amazing, just listen to her voice reel! Always on time, always striving to give the best performance, and always in a great mood! Truly an excellent actor."

Veselin Radanov | Director | Dirty Little Secrets

"Your voice sounds very mature for your age. While you may not know what it's like to be 30, your voice and the way you wield it is very convincing. It will be an honour to work alongside such a talented and rising actress."

Stephen Quammie | Actor | The Purgatorians




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