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I first began acting for stage at age 14, specialising in Contemporary Shakespeare throughout my years at university.
By 17, I'd begun finding my feet even more strongly through voice acting, creating many performance installations to marry my love of both stage and sound.​ Voice acting remains my strongest form of self-empowerment as a Disabled artist; telling all manner of stories from afar, without suffering the health consequences as arose from live theatre. It brings me unfathomable joy, and I hope to never stop pursuing it.


Previously best known as CelestielleVA (still my moniker on social media), my voice acting ventures have carried me through over 200 various videogame, podcast, radio and film worlds to date. Notable works include the BAFTA-nominated The Forgotten City, sci-fi horror podcast The Waystation, playing many many roles in Fallout: London & the ineffable Duchess in Another Crab's Treasure.


I've had my work commercially performed across the UK. In 2020, I undertook an MA in writing for performance to hone my skills, which saw me work with Company Three, who commissioned an anthology piece on contemporary womanhood and female identity for the young actors of Islington, London.

Since, my written and directorial exploits have been geared toward radio and audiodrama; little fascinates me more than the power of voice alone to conjure emotion, even having written my Bachelors Dissertation on just that. My latest undertaking is When Tower Angels Fall, a slow-burn dystopian drama, exploring the deep emotional connections people make both out of necessity and choice. Core themes of memory, identity, legacy and hope work to bolster a story that is told half in the past, half in the present. I had the joy to work with over 50 extremely talented voice artists to make this show a reality, and - while still in progress - there's little I've been more proud of. I am also the sole sound designer and audio engineer, producing the series under the name of my one-woman company, Nettle Hunt.

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Elizabeth Plant

British Voice Actress | Writer | Director

Welcome to my humble abode! I'm Liz - queer and Chronically Ill voice actress working from my home studio in the South of England.

My voice and performance styles are deeply versatile, though oft described as warm, rich and captivating - with a particular penchant for villainy, of course. From dashing heroes to susurrant spirits, enigmatic narrators and vengeful gods, all the way to bumbling sidekicks or ghastly little goblins out for blood - if you've got a story, I'm here to tell it!

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