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Sound Design

I engineer and produce original audio drama series, directing casts of many international voice actors. I primarily record my own foley and sound effects, also working with independent composers to give the perfect mood to every tale.

Elizabeth Plant
Game Designer | Voice Actress | Audio Engineer | Writer | Director

Game Design

I am a core developer for Skyrim: Extended Cut, the mod overhauling the entire main questline of the 2011 Bethesda classic. I make main headway as a lead writer, level designer, voice actor and sound designer. It remains a staple of my creative journey, and I love every second I get to work on it.

Voice Acting

I first began acting for stage at age 14, specialising in Contemporary Shakespeare throughout my years at university. By 17, I'd begun finding my feet even more strongly through voice acting, creating many performance installations to marry my love of both stage and sound.

Previously best known as CelestielleVA, my voice acting ventures have carried me through over 150 various video-game, podcast, radio and film worlds to date.  Notable works include BAFTA-nominated game The Forgotten City & audiobook series Dragon Riders of Lon.

Writer & Director

As a playwright, I've had my work commercially performed across the UK. In 2020, I undertook an MA in writing for performance to hone my skills, which saw me work with Company Three, who commissioned an anthology piece for the young actors of Islington, London.

Recent written and directorial exploits have been geared toward radio and audiodrama; little fascinates me more than the power of voice alone to conjure emotion, even having written my Bachelors Dissertation on just that.

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