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Official cover art of The Forgotten City - a scene in two parts, one with a Roman Centurion reaching for a distant light, the other with the Centurion bent double and turned to gold.

Nick Pearce, Director:
The Forgotten City

An extraordinarily talented actor that I am humbled to have helping me with this game. Her lines are a pleasure to listen to and Liz consistently reads with an effortlessly natural intonation, which is rarer than you might think!

ECSS 1.png

Carter Foust, Director:
Skyrim: Extended Cut

Part of Liz’s strength is her adaptability: able to sing, project emotion and clearly communicate tone better than most actors I've worked with. She is universally regarded as a pleasure to work with by every developer and cast member on the team. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful the experience has been.

Elliot Somerfield, Director:

Her intelligent and adaptable voice worked wonders for the character, bringing an aura of knowledge, understanding and kindness to a role that's difficult to translate. Liz's subsequent support for the project is one of myriad reasons to involve her, bringing both encouragement and humour that oft-surprised me.

Mimi Wilson, Actor:

Her ability to convey emotion, even subtly, is excellent and she is extremely believable; in many ways does she fully embody her character.


She's also an all-around lovely person, extremely easy to talk to and engage with.

Anthony Andres, Actor:

Her performance was inspired and had a substantial part in making this project the high tier production that it was. She was also a constant source of positive energy for other members of the production, leading to an incredibly wholesome environment for all involved. Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to work with her.

Joshua Spector, Director:
The Woes of Whitby

Such a vibrant and and fun person to work with, who can deliver such a range of emotions and characters. I'm so thrilled to have her be a part of the show, and look forward to the day we can work together again. There are not many out there as talented as her!


Gabriel Johnson, Director:
Warden of the Coast(Skyrim Mod)

Her experience truly stands out, not just in the quality of her audio or exceptional acting performance, but also in her skilled understanding of project management and voice-over co-ordination. The recording process, as well as all other cast members involved, benefited immensely from her valuable insight.

Caleb Hughes, Director:
The Archion Saga

Not only does she have an amazing voice, she is also an absolute pleasure to work with. She's open to taking things on last minute and really puts her all into the final product. She filled a major role for the series when the original actress left, and she really took the part and made it her own. Couldn't imagine the character without her voice anymore.


Dr. David Rosenthal, Supervising Editor:
HistoryCity series

Highly talented. Brought her character in a Spanish Civil War history app trail to life, and also provided a compelling documentary-style intro. 


Strong communicator, takes direction with ease and turns things around fast. Committed, versatile, professional. Highly recommended.


Roland Földi, Director:
Scent of the Desert

It was a joy to work with Elizabeth. She bought me instantly with the sample I got from her. Thanks to her, what I have now as a final product is exactly what I imagined. Extremely fast recording, with perfect quality, and always responded quickly to my messages. She is excellent, a truly unique and rare talent.


Mahesh Rajamani,
Narrative Designer:

Winds of Arcana: Ruination

It was a pleasure working with Elizabeth, who quickly understood the brief and delivered stellar performances for our video game.


Excellent communication, prompt delivery, and brilliant performances. I unreservedly recommend her for any voice acting work.

Treya Hall, Director:

Elizabeth brought the character to life so much more beautifully than I could've hoped. Hugely talented actress, amazing quality audio, and just a generally lovely human to work with.

White Phantom Games:
Defending Lydia Collier

I'm genuinely stuck with trying to think of a better way of phrasing it than just "5/5 - World Class."


Audio is crystal clear, different tones and expressions given, took our script and didn't just read it, but turned it from lines of text into exactly the kind of character we'd imagined. Phenomenal.


Project Hyperdrive:

An absolutely fantastic performance by Elizabeth. Every line we gave her was delivered flawlessly and exactly how we wanted it on the first try. You can tell that she fully understood the script of the characters and put all of her passion and creativity into making them come to life. 

Elizabeth delivered some great voice acting for our game! Very pleasant to work with and direct. Super professional, quick to identify and swat problems.

We are very satisfied and would gladly recommend!

Nimwraith, Creator:
Lost Heritage
(Skyrim Mod)

Incredible to work with. Recorded lines in a very timely manner, and I had no issues at all reaching out to her. Her delivery itself was stellar; honestly some of the best I've heard. She completely brought her character to life, it was evident she cared for her character and wanted the absolute best for the project!

Lost Heritage.png

Veselin Radanov, Director:
Dirty Little Secrets

Liz is absolutely incredible! I am so proud and lucky to have had her be part of the cast! I don't even have to tell you why she's amazing - just listen to her voice reel! Always on time, always striving to give the best performance, and always in a great mood! She's an excellent actor.


Crimson Forge:
Last Mech Standing

Fantastic job. Quick and professional delivery, with separate takes for us to choose from. Her emotion and expression was off the charts. Awesome voice acting; our team enjoyed her interpretation very much! We will definitely use her again for future projects.

Colyn De Graaff, Director:
Agtrill: the Counterfeit Blade

I've been so happy to see the enthusiasm and energy Liz put into this. She's done an A+ job in terms of communication, collaboration, and the character's portrayal. The pleasure has been entirely mine. We really do have something special on our hands here.

Unidice Games:
House of Influence

Working with Elizabeth was absolutely amazing! Her voice-acting is on point and her turnaround for lines is super quick!

James G. Robertson, Author:
Dawning of Darkness

Awesome work! Definitely a top-tier voice actress. Elizabeth gave an amazing demo, then an amazing performance on the script. She does very well with notes and any feedback you have. Definitely will have to seek this actress again in the future!

Fate IN dawning of darkness 2.png

Eden Darvex, Director:
The Accounts of Eden

Talented is an understatement when describing Eliabeth's work. She was intentional about her voice delivery and really captured the spirit of the character. What I received went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely reach out to do another project.

Tales of the Old West - as Madame Sawyer.png

Satria Karsono / Sunfire:
Tales of the Old West

Worked very quickly and delivered exactly what I wanted. I am grinning from ear to ear as I just listened to her takes on a part of my script. This is some sublime and high quality voice acting. Would recommend her to anyone!

Catherine McGeoghegan,
: Project Zerk

Such a delight to work with. Not only is she a great talent, but she has such a great attitude and work ethic! She plays a villain so easily, I’m astonished by her ability to sink into that evil charisma but she captures it so easily.


Nathan Hamley, Director: 

Elizabeth did a fantastic job with the roles that were provided, you can tell from the first line she has a brilliant understanding of what makes a performance feel genuine. Truly fantastic acting throughout!


Cory Long, Developer:
Merchant of the Six Kingdoms

Quick communication and provided an incredible variety of takes that are going to be incredibly useful.


Alek Sinn, Creative Director:
Swordsman VR

Incredibly believable performance, exceeding all expectations — we look forward to working with her again!


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