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A screenshot of Avenoir in the wilderness with a bow and quiver on her back.


Avenoir Scry-Bourn is an upcoming fully voiced, immersive follower mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, reactive to quests and player choices. Aimed to introduce a strong, interesting and agency-driven female follower to the Skyrim modding community, Avenoir accompanies the player throughout three custom character quests in addition to the original game and its DLC's.

Coming soon.

"Awaiting you in Eldergleam Sanctuary is a new and inquisitive companion. Having fled a life of entrapment, this strange yet relentlessly optimistic young woman would be only too happy to find a friend on the road. All that remains is to see if you’ll be just that."

Avenoir's bow
An elven sword


~ Over 4000 lines // 6 hours of fully voiced dialogue

~ Lore-friendly, characterful commentary on all main and side quests

~ New player home, Whitewater Glen: now with original interior music 

~ Three core character quests

~ Several original side quests with unique, fully voiced NPCs

~ Expanded lore and unique books

~ New unique locations, dungeons and builds; all ambient, quest and relationship-oriented:

the Eye of Kyne, Primwood Copse, Lachryma's Burg, Jiornira's Cottage and more...

~ Writing, voice direction, level design, and code implementation by Elizabeth Plant.
~ Playtesting and fixes by Carter Foust.

~ Music by David Fesliyan & Crypt of Insomnia.

Lachryma's Burg Sanctum, a vast ancient hall filled with snow and skeletons


Avenoir Scry-Bourn

Loreius Anthrillian

Anden Anthrillian

"Avenoir is written to be an immersive companion for your Dragonborn, reactive to quests and choices. Advancing relationship is dependent on both quests, location and dialogue: she’s very perceptive, responding to how well (or not) you listen to what she tells you. The more quests you complete, the more she can see how you act toward others, which can play to your favour or your detriment. Likewise, the more you talk to her, the more places you see and discover together, the stronger your bond will become."

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